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#1 Stock Research

Whether the market is in an uptrend or downtrend, your portfolio must be heading towards the sky. This is what we at TradePlay India ensure through our rigorous, in-depth fundamental and technical analysis. Using modern analytical methods and tools, we make sure that you choose the best trade.

Why Choose TradePlay

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Best Fundamentally analysed Stocks

Tradeplay provides one of the best-performing stocks by rigorous fundamental analysis. Using growth patterns, we provide stocks that have a great future and are related to sectors that will shape the economy.


Buy and Sell at right time & right price

Tradeplay gives an open platform to match your technical analysis with our expert's analysis and then take a call on buy & sell decisions. 

Learn to trade & Invest wisely

Tradeplay is open and free to all who want to learn and trade with the right fundamentals and right technicals. We have one of the best experts in Fundamental analysis with over a remarkable 20 years of experience in stock research and highly professional trade analysis. So learn from our expert's analysis by access to our analysis posts that too absolutely free!!


Best Trades Guaranteed 

TradePlay will help you create rich portfolios and trade like a pro backed with deep research and analysis. All the analysis with charts will be updated on the Analysis page. All you have to do is sign up, read, analyse and trade. We will have a trade counter to track how many trades we won and how many we lost. Do not worry we can guarantee you of great learning and full transparency with exceptional gains.

*Disclaimer : TradePlay is not a registered SEBI investment advisor or broker. We provide services without any charge just for educational purposes only. Trade with your risk appetite. We do not recommend members to buy or sell stocks on our recommendations. However they may choose to trade if they think our analysis is to the mark and matches their own expectations and requirements.

Positional Trades

We will help you create portfolios with highest annual returns with our automated positional strategies and fundamental analysis. And all this will be available for free for signed up members!!!

Future Trades

Take positions in futures and trade with us and that too absolutely free!!!

Option Trades

Trade in options using one of the best strategies and minimum risk using arbitrage and other techniques that too absolutely free!!!

Intraday Trades

Trade Intraday using our analysis with stoploss. Special Post Market  analysis will be provided that too absolutely free!!!

What Can We Help You With?

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